We recognize that the Kingsville Folk Music Festival would not be possible without the support of the community

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  • Clean & Green

Giving Back

We are honoured to give back to the community in these ways:

  • We provide an annual scholarship through The MAY FUNd presented to Kingsville, Harrow and Leamington graduating students
  • We donate Festival and Road to Folk Fest Concert tickets and merchandise for fundraising efforts by community groups and local organizations
  • During the Festival we support other non-profit and fundraising groups by offering complimentary booth space
  • We cultivate and nurture community partnerships, and cross-promote to share marketing costs
  • Youth volunteering is encouraged and actively cultivated throughout the year

It’s all about the music!

The main goal of the Kingsville Folk Music Festival is to encourage and promote performers from around the world (with a special emphasis on Canadian talent), and to educate audiences to the incredibly diverse genres of music, musical instruments, and the artists who play them.  We present artistic and cultural events that enrich both the fabric of our community and by extension, the fabric of the world.

musical performance


The Festival combines incredible music into an enchanting, accessible environment that includes:

  • Culinary delights from the food village featuring local “ma” and “pa” restaurants
  • The Celebrate Family! area for children
  • An artisan market place promoting handcrafted Canadian made originals
  • Hands-on activities and workshops
  • Pelee Island wines
  • Lonsbery craft beers

Clean and Green

The Festival is a Clean and Green event, encouraging and educating by:

  • Partnering with local groups and businesses to reduce landfill
  • Providing visible and easy to access on-site compost and recycle stations run by a youth Green Team
  • Donating bottles and cans to the local Scouts for deposit
  • Providing a free clean water drinking station and free Festival water bottles
  • Use of solar-powered golf carts to transport attendees and supplies
  • Sourcing locally produced food to feed our volunteer crew of over 300
  • Responsible disposable of all grey water discharge into municipal treatment system